Alive @ 25


While drivers 24 and younger account for only 13% of licensed drivers, they cause 27% of motor vehicle collisions and 21% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes. The Alive at 25 program is a National Safety Council's 4-hour course that shows young drivers how to take greater responsibility for their driving behavior. Taught by certified instructores and NSC accredited chapter student workbooks and certificate of completion issued to each student.
They will learn about the effects of inexperience, peer pressure and distractions such as cell phones and texting. State and local driving laws will be covered. They will learn about adopting safe driving behaviors and practices and responsibility of passengers.


We all know the risk of driving for 15 to 24 year olds. Statistics reveal the risk of being in an accident is higher for those ages. When the 15 to 24 year olds attend the Alive at 25 program, it shows their resolve to avoid being one of those statistics. They show an understanding of how critical it is to learn as much as you can about vehicles, roads and responsibilities of driving. They will drive more safely and become a defensive driver.

Course Content

- Why young drivers often underestimate risks
- The effects of inexperience, distractions, and peer pressure on driving
- Review of State and local driving laws and regulations
- A review of DDC Collision Prevention Formula
- Techniques to maintain control while driving
- How to handle peer pressure