Safety Ambassador Program

The National Safety Councils Safety Ambassador Program. Is an outreach program focusing on motor vehicle safety, falls prevention, unintentional drug overdose, and overexertion. Whether directly, or indirectly, each of us has been touched by these issues. Yet, the injuries and deaths caused in these areas are preventable. Change can happen, but the Council cannot do it alone.

We need your help

How to get started!

Please talk to your local businesses, your friends, and your family. We need you to help them understand how they can stay safe behind the wheel, in your community, and while at home. And, were giving you the materials you need to be successful.

Safety Ambassador kit enables anyone to advocate for safety. The program empowers you to help the public. A few ways you can use this program include:

  1. Approach your local schools to educate teens about distractions behind the wheel.
  2. Increase awareness of the dangers of overexertion and how to avoid it.
  3. Offer tips to minimize falls within your workplace or home.
  4. Help others develop best practices and enforce good driving behaviors.
  5. Help people prevent unintentional drug overdose by understanding their risks.

If you dont feel comfortable presenting the enclosed materials, print out the posters and tip sheets and ask your local businesses to display them.

Who can be a Safety Ambassador?

Anyone who cares about safety and health

What is the cost involved to participate?

This is a free program with no requirements. It really is just about making the world safer.

Do I need to be a member of the National Safety Council to be a Safety Ambassador?

No. The purpose of this program is strictly to increase awareness in identified areas where the greatest number of people are being injured or killed.

How do I get started?

The Safety Ambassador kit contains everything you need - posters, tip sheets, and presentations. These materials are for you to use and share. You can download the kit or request the CD when you register to participate. Participating is easy.

  1. See a Need
  2. Find a local company, park district, church, group of friends, or parents that could benefit from learning more about injuries and deaths that occur from motor vehicle, falls, drug overdoses, and overexertion.

  3. Schedule a Meeting
  4. Schedule a time to meet and present the information in the Safety Ambassador Kit. Encourage their participation in creating safe environments at work, at home, and on the road by focusing on safety 24/7. The Safety Ambassador Kit contains everything you need to spread awareness about these key issues. Youll have leave behind materials, including posters and awareness flyers that can be displayed.

  5. Continue Learning
  6. More information on safety and health can be found at To become a member company of the National Safety Council and support safety year round, visit

  7. Give Feedback
  8. Let us know how you are using the program. Fill out our short survey or submit your story to We will be featuring the NSC Safety Ambassadors on the NSC website and on the Members-Only website.