Train The Trainer Seminar


Coaching The®  Emergency Vehicle Operator 3: Ambulance, the highly acclaimed program for novice and experienced drivers alike.


Benefits of attending this training include:

· Presentation of the actual training so trainers see and understand the content

· Highlighting key instructional points

· Emphasizing the importance of safely reaching and returning from the emergency site

· Understanding the role of the Instructor as a facilitator

· Techniques for getting all participants involved in the training


During the course, ambulance operators learn practical driving techniques in both emergency and

non-emergency situations.  Subjects addressed include:

· Vehicle Inspection

· Cushion of Safety

· Intersections

· Vehicle handling and design characteristics

· Blind Spots

· Two-lane and multi-lane driving

· Emergency Driving (driving with lights and sirens)

· Special weather considerations

· Passing

· Safe backing and parking considerations

· On-scene safety


Each participant will receive an Instructor’s Kit that includes a DVD and fully scripted program. 

Additional participants from the same organization will receive an Instructor’s Guide (no DVD) for a

nominal fee.  Participants will also receive a Train The Trainer certificate and recognition patch.




             COST:    $375.00 member or non member company—this includes lunch

             HOW TO REGISTER:  Please call 816-842-5223 ext *233, email     or visit our web site to enroll


Questions:  Please call our office at 816-842-5223 ext *233






Over 40 million drivers have been trained using the Coaching Series®, a non-lecture coaching presentation style—an approach proven ideal for all drivers.